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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Yard Panel Replacements

In an effort to complete the basic look of the layout,  the temporary foam board yard panels needed to be replaced so the curtain project could finally be completed.  The temp panels were just mounted to the facias with a few spacers, and were actually more durable than had been anticipated.  They definitely fulfilled their purpose in getting the layout up and operating fast.

The original / temp E. Eugene Yard Panel:
Each of the new replacement panels were made up from two sections to allow ease of installation and maintenance.  A hanger bracket, and the main panel section that simply screw together.  I made templates for the overall design and hole patterns.  Don cut and bent up the four steel panels at a 22 deg angle, so that they were more readily visible, yet didn't hang out into the aisle.

E. Eugene, W. Eugene, Portland, and Klamath Falls Panels:
Holes were drilled through the facia so the wires could pass through, as previously they were routed from under the facia, and were forcing the curtains to droop without support under the edge.  With the new panels being so close in design, I was able to do a direct swap of the existing toggles.

Wiring up the new E. Eugene Yard Panel with bracket in place:
The panels were designed to bolt to the face of the facia, but hang over the front to allow the Velcro strip along the bottom to remain uninterrupted  The felt curtains simply hang from the Velcro for ease of access under the layout.  Foam board scraps finish off the sides to provide end caps.  

Overhang to clear curtain access:
Nearing completion:
One down, three to go.

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