Image above captured on the upper deck of the layout where scenery has progressed to some extent...
Shot with Olympus C-750

Welcome to the SP Oregon Division!

An N Scale RR depicting the good old days along "The Friendly".

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Benchwork Progress

Thanks, to Craig and the use of his "woodshop" over the weeks so that we were able to make decent progress in getting all this wood cut.  Ray came over and helped to align the plywood and square up the benchwork last weekend.  Still have to add the plywood on the front corners by the workbench for structure support, and a few other loose ends, but looking pretty good at this point.
Now have to start hunting for more organizers to fit along the back of the workbench...  Then already having a hard time finding the track I need so looks like that could be a stalling point - I'm slowly coming to expect this kind of delay with the Micro Production Run Mentality of today   :(
Here's the latest:


  1. Some fun facts on the the staging yard.
    It's over 173 feet of track divided over 10 tracks, 5 Eastbound and 5 Westbound.
    The longest track is 21 feet, the Shortest is over 15 feet.
    It's around a .9 grade up from from the lowest point at Portland to K-Falls the highest point about 2 inches above Portland.
    Ray Eiser Signal Maintainer, on the Cascade Sub of SP's Oregon Division.

  2. I know some people swear by ME but their production runs happen it seems only on Blue Moons, but one option is to use your hand laid turnouts with atlas c55 track. If you still want to use ME code 40 you could at least get the main up and running and add sidings as you go along. Anyways just a suggestion.

  3. Ray- Thanks for adding the fun facts...
    YHChang- Thanks. Staging is going to be all code 55. Exposed mainlines I will finish up with ME flex and handlay, but hope I can get some good sticks to complete it all... I am not happy with the latest production runs of flex track from ME, as the tie stagger is severely off on my latest batch. We found the ME turnouts needed to fit the Portland yard throat on Ebay, so I have been spared the waiting period.... otherwise staging will be all Atlas 55, which is a first for me.

  4. I've got 5 staging tracks with Atlas 55 and I've been running the heck out of it with no problems.

  5. Hard to believe it has been 5 years since the center blob/staging section was added.