Image above captured on the upper deck of the layout where scenery has progressed to some extent...
Shot with Olympus C-750

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An N Scale RR depicting the good old days along "The Friendly".

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Post Ops 6-18 Review

Well, the track cleaning train worked really well with the Centerline cars in the lead, followed by one of my custom cars, the power, and another five masonite pads.  Thanks for the suggestion Ron! Quite pleased with this new train's performance and how it will preserve on-line scenery details, as well as spare me some of the extra Ops prep work.
First time trying a drawing from a coffee can so operators could pick what jobs they wanted to start with... but I didn't realize we were missing one operator until he came back and pulled #1 out of the can half way through the job bidding...  My bad.   :(
We broke new ground with 11 participants this session.   A good turnout of crews with Michael dispatching from the comforts of his home, John worked the new position of West Eugene Yd Switcher / Hostler / Herder, which needs some refining, but special thanks to him forging the way through uncharted territory.  Kel worked the East End / Yd Master reducing the usual overload of multitasking for me... and even looked like he might have enjoyed it.  Danny bagged two of the local jobs somehow (Weyerhauser and Springfield jobs), but was a smoooth operator.  Steven ran the Oakridge Turn, and Marc handled the first call for mid-train helpers on a lumber drag from Oakridge up to Summit.   Road jobs were shared by most of the crews including Arnold, Mike, and Hans.  Special thanks to Ray as usual for his expertise in the Signal / Comm dept, and a pat on the back to the host for putting up with them all.  lol  I was worried it might be overcrowded, but seems to have been comfortable enough where the upcoming expansion might not force me to reduce crew sizes from where they are supposed to be...
Had a few problem children that derailed.  Only car to lay on it's side was an LPG tanker on the Springfield Job that appears to be due to an old NWSL wheel set (Call Hazmat!).  I'm assuming a few other bad wheel sets still out there, but all documented with the few cars that had "pulled knuckles".  Only scarey moment for me was the first time in recent memory that the beet train had a couple cars derail on the head end.... but saved before the dreaded domino effect dumped out all the live loads. 
Thanks to all who showed up and participated.  I had a blast as usual, and already looking forward to the next run!  Watch for the next crew announcement as we will try for around mid August so I can actually get some work done to the RR before then.
Good Times no doubt!

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